July 18, 2012

Title: Fighting Cocks

Summary: Micky’s bored… and horny.

Rating: Um, pretty much NC-17 just for the title alone…

Pairing: Dolenzmith

Warning: This is slash. No like-y, no read-y

Author’s Note: This was semi-inspired by a post I made a couple days ago, which is also where the title comes from. Other than that, it’s pretty much smutty PWP.

Author’s Note 2: Davy might seem slightly bitchy at the very end. I didn’t mean to, it just ended up that way. Don’t unfollow me just for that, please.

Author’s Note 3: I started this a couple days ago and then just left it alone, but I decided to stay up and finish this tonight. So, if there’s spelling or grammatical errors, well, now you know why.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Monkees and make no claims about the sexuality of anyone, anywhere, at anytime…

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July 4, 2012


Title: A Walk in the Park

Summary: Micky finds Davy walking along the side of the road, and secrets are revealed. (I totally suck at summaries, sorry…)

Pairing: Jolenz (Micky/Davy) with just a dash of Torksmith (Mike/Peter)

Rating: NC-17

A/N: The other night I had a slashy dream. I only remember bits and parts of it, but the bits were very graphic, and inspired this story. It’s a Jolenz story, which is kinda weird for me, since I’m more of a Dolenzmith girl, but this (I think) is pretty hot! ;) It grabbed my brain by the throat and refused to let go until I wrote it down, so I spent the past few days working on this. I did add a touch of Torksmith in there, as well. ;)

I hope you all enjoy my twisted imagination.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Monkees, and make no claims as to the personal lives of the guys. All I got is my perverted brain and the show on dvd.

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July 4, 2012


Title: Bath Time

Pairing: Mike/Micky

Rating: PG-13-ish (This is a pretty fluffy story, which is definitly NOT something I’m used to…)

Summary: Um… yeah, I suck at summaries… I’ll let you come up with your own based on the title and rating…

Disclaimer: I don’t own squat, except for the tv show on dvd

A/N: I found a very vague unfinished rough draft of this saved on my computer with I first started getting into the slash pairings of the Monkees, and I think at the time I originally wanted this to be a smut piece… but after finding it and trying to re-write it, it ended up being fluffy… I’m not used to fluffy, I’m used to smutty man sex… but I think this turned out okay… I hope you enjoy it all the same…

A/N 2: Some people keep saying that the Dolenzmith shipping is dead… I call SHENANIGANS!!!

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